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A Winter Getaway at Bear Mountain Lodge in Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Bear Mountain Lodge Exterior

My boyfriend and I decided to take a trip up to the White Mountains because we wanted to get away from the city for the night and participate in some fun winter activities. We did a little research online for the top rated New England inns and found out about the Bear Mountain Lodge, a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire.

Frommer’s rated Bear Mountain Lodge in Bethlehem, as one of the top 10 romantic inns of New England. In addition, has rated the inn as one of the Top 10 B&B in New England for both 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

We only had time to book one night, however, I was very pleased with the property. Bear Mountain Lodge is located on 26 miles of property property. This inn is located off from the main highway, which you don’t find too often. Not only does this take down the highway traffic noise, it also makes for more scenic views.

The floor to ceiling windows with panoramic views in the great room are absolutely stunning. I could sit there all day! We had a fun time playing checkers and scrabble while taking in the amazing views. There is also a deck located right off from the great room, however, it was too cold this time of the year. We did however take advantage of the year round outdoor hot tub; a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery and watch the snow fall down while staying warm.

Check out these beautiful snowy mountain views from the balcony!

Bear Mountain Lodge views

The whole lodge is festively decorated in a nice rustic theme. Everywhere you look is a log cabin theme, which is consistent throughout the property. I love the cozy atmosphere of the lobby – a wood stove, couches for relaxing, relaxing music, and magnificent views.

Our room (moose theme) was decorated very nicely in a rustic mountain theme. We haBear Mountain Moose Roomd nice views of the surrounding mountains.

Everything was very clean. The room was a bit small, but we were not in in that often so it didn’t really matter much. There are 4 basic rooms located on the first floor which come with all your standard amenities. The rooms on the second floor cost a bit more but offer advanced amenities such as a steam shower, fireplace or jacuzzi.

The inn is a bit pricey, but well worth the cost just for the views alone. The innkeepers (Mike and Carol) are friendly and willing to assist you with area recommendations for dinner or activities. There are plenty of amenities at the lodge including a pool table, year round hot tub, and 24 hour drinks including a Keurig machine, a variety of teas, beer, and wine.

The best amenity by far is the onsite snowshoe trails and provided snowshoes. We have always wanted to go snowshoeing and having access to trails on site without having to drive anywhere was very convenient. I’d rather spend my time enjoying myself outside then driving around to the activities. There was not much snow but it was still a great time! The next morning there was an additional 4 inches of snow on the ground, which made it even more fun the second time around!

I had a great time snowshoeing!

Bear Mountain Lodge Snowshoe Trails

Carol makes afternoon brownies and cookies for all the guests. These were a real treat with a cup of hot coffee after being oBear Mountain Lodge breakfast roomut in the snow! The breakfast in the morning was the only let down of our stay. I expected it to be much better. Breakfast consisted of a tiny fruit cup followed by stuffed crepes with blueberry sauce with sausage (I don’t eat meat and didn’t tell them since I was under the impression that you chose your meal yourself).

The crepes were delicious although I would have preferred eggs, toast or even potatoes in place of the sausage. The innkeepers do ask you if you have any allergies but they did not ask if we were vegetarians. They also did not seem concerned that we didn’t eat the sausage; maybe they thought we just didn’t like it. I will have to remember to request a vegetarian substitute if I ever head back!

The inn is immaculately clean (all guests must take their shoes off at the door). The innkeepers are always around to answer questions and engage in friendly chit chat (they were there to greet us when we arrived and offered to help us carry our luggage). This bed and breakfast is aimed a bit towards an older population.

If you are looking for a quiet weekend getaway, then this inn would be ideal! Quiet hours for the pool table/bar room end at around 9:30pm which was a bit early for us and the lights in the main room were shut off in the around 10:00pm (this is perfect for those looking for a laid back quiet time). If you are looking for a more upbeat party atmosphere, you should look elsewhere. If you are looking for a quiet rustic themed lodge with great views, great amenities, and access to winter activities then you are in for a great time.

Bear Mountain Lodge
Availability Chart & Reservations
Address: 3249 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574



    • mudrock
    • March 25, 2013  at  5:55 PM

    That is a spectacular view that you are able to see off that balcony. I really like snow a lot and the trees look pretty cool in the snow. Bear Mountain Lodge definitely seems like a great place for a romantic getaway.

    • Lottie
    • January 28, 2014  at  2:07 PM

    Excellent steam showers, we had a unit hooked up around 5
    years ago and so it could well do with modernizing, would never buy a boring old typical form of shower
    ever again

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